our roots

On November 15, 2005, thirty-two-year-old Jake Joines concluded 5 consecutive years of construction management at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He risked everything he had to start his own business, and moved his family to St George, Utah. His initials J.J. inspired the name for the company.

Jake started with very little money, no business experience, and no customers. All he had was an idea about the way things ought to be built. He wanted to create comfortable and energy-efficient custom homes. He desired to run a company based on respect, honesty, and integrity. A company where there is no difference between what is promised and what is delivered.

Jake focused his passion on customer and contractor relationships. He refused to focus on money or to chase success. Instead, he quietly worked on doing the right things – and success began chasing him. Jake’s quest for excellence as a builder, led him to earning a Master’s Degree in Construction Management from ASU.

about us

We are not perfect, but we strive to do the right things.

Our confidence in the discipline of Construction Management allows all parties involved to interact on a step-by-step basis. This practice creates an open thought process that leads to innovative and cost-effective solutions. What may have been a challenging project becomes an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Our valued business comes from referrals. We appreciate our customers. If you have feedback for us, please contact us.


    We are good listeners and communicators. We believe in the positive energy of teams.


    We treat our homeowners, architects, engineers, designers, trade contractors, and suppliers with respect and courtesy.


    We walk our talk without excuses. We are well known for our fairness and honesty.


    We are committed to a culture of high achievement. In keeping our promises and going beyond expectations, we find joy in seeing dreams become reality. We feel deep satisfaction in a job well done.