Where Do I Begin?

Choosing a builder prior to selecting an architect to design your home is our recommended approach.
J2 Construction will expertly guide you through the following steps:

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • Creation and development of your home design and building plans with the objective that that everything important to you is included within the design and scope of work and that the overall cost is within your budget.
  • Effectively communicating with you during the entire budget development and construction process.
  • Leading you through post-construction education, warranty issues, and assisting with any future home maintenance needs, in order to assure future comfort in your new home.

Pre-construction work typically includes site-analysis, reviewing other completed homes, team coordination meetings, defining the project scope, and budget forecasting.

We at J2 believe that allowing time for a well thought out pre-construction process is truly valuable to you,
our client. This process first, helps to create better plans and specifications. Second, minimizes confusion during construction. Third, it greatly improves budget awareness and control throughout the project.

Transparent Budgeting

Before construction begins, we will work as a team to create a comprehensive budget.

The completed budget spreadsheet allows you to easily see the cost of each and every item to be included in the construction of your home. Together we take the time to ensure that everything important to you is included in the scope of work and that the overall cost is within your budget.

Monthly billing will include copies of each invoice, a real-time budget report, and a completed percentage breakdown to show the progress on your project. Monthly billings will include a summary of all current project invoices, a real-time budget report and percent complete information to show the progress on your project.

Our goal is to implement J2 projects with zero excuses. We control costs and plan our construction approach with precision and accuracy.

build it like you own it

Having completed more than 50 projects over the past 15 years, it’s safe to say that J2 has proven experience. 

The finest trade contractors and suppliers in the state of Utah value our reputation for clearly defining expectations and delivering on our promises. These relationships ensure lower costs and increased quality in the construction of your home.

Quality and sustainability are important to us. J2 Construction is a nationally recognized master-certified NAHB green builder. We incorporate the best in “building science” which means the premium homes we build will withstand the test of time.

Our persistent dedication to a higher standard ensures that your home is built correctly, on time and within budget. We actively oversee our home sites daily. Our contractors, suppliers, and home owners feel open to collaborate within our team environment. This enables everyone involved in your home project to enjoy a positive building experience.


After receiving the Certificate of Occupancy, as homeowner you will be given all the warranty information for appliances, equipment, roofing, etc. We then conduct a thorough “punch list” on your new home, promptly attending to the final details. Nothing goes unchecked.

During the following eleven months, J2 Construction will check-in with you periodically in order to quickly correct any issues that may arise.

When a warranty request is sent to J2 Construction, our project team will schedule the contractors and suppliers to make the necessary corrections at a convenient time for you.

Near the end of the warranty period, you will schedule a walk-through with J2 to document any remaining warranty items. We will assure that all repair work is completed prior to the warranty expiration.

Builder for Life

No one knows your home better than your builder. We are here to support your home and yard maintenance, service work, and remodeling needs for years to come. Welcome to the J2 Family!